Monday, September 30, 2013

Departure Anticipation

 posted by Christopher

With the reality of departure on the horizon you actually begin to consider not only the fun and adventures but the things you're not too satisfied about. I mean, virgin white beaches, Pina Coladas and beautiful coral reefs are hard to argue against.  However, for a twelve year old boy who just got pulled away from his Xbox at home it’s hard to hear that he’ll have little or no Wi-fi and limited charging on his IPod. I know it might sound pretty spoiled, but try and pull your twelve year old boy or yourself away from internet and power for a year.

No internet?  Are you serious?
Although that test is a little unfair because of the things you're missing from my reality. I'm hoping to be VERY entertained by snorkeling and playing on palm tree lined beaches. I have snorkeled previously and think it’s really awesome to feel like a part of the fish and just notice little things about them. You begin to learn from your own discoveries.

Not so bad after all.
The real question: Is this a real problem or is this just something I've kind of made up?  We have solar energy, a generator and engines, meaning we may end up having enough power to just charge everything without concern. We really don’t know.

A night of restless conspiracy theorizing
for all those who are not satisfied with the quality of bubble blowing goats in South Carolina.
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