Wednesday, September 18, 2013

All Aboard

posted by Alexander Sept. 18 

Finally we are living on the boat! We all have our own rooms with really comfy beds and it looks great.

My bedroom, looking into Christopher's room.  I wonder if I will have to make my bed any time this year?
For the first time in a few days I actually got a good sleep. One really cool thing about the boat is some little fruit hammocks in the kitchen.

Fruit, sleeping comfortably in a hammock.
My room is in the front of the left pontoon so, annoyingly I'm sleeping in front of storage.

This is the storage at the front of my bedroom.  Good place to keep our Lego.
 Not everything is perfect. One of the toilets isn't working, stuff is everywhere and the weather is horrible and rainy.

The forecast says it will rain every day for the next 10 days.  Although it is clearing up as I write this.
 The boat is really nice on the exterior but a little cramped in the bathrooms.

I will have to get used to a little less space in the bathroom.

 Altogether I think it’s great and just needs a little work.

I can’t believe we made it. I mean sure we still have tons to do but I can’t help feel more relaxed.
This is also the first day of education and we are each focusing on our own subject. I’m doing writing, Christopher’s doing math and Dad and Katie are setting up Rosetta Stone (a French program on the computer).

We found a really cool Halloween store which has some awesome props like pirate swords and stuff. I don’t really know what else to write about, so TTFN.

Looking up at the mast and the clouds.

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