Thursday, September 5, 2013

Stories from the road.


The last couple of days have been all about knocking off some miles.  We have set a record for the number of states in one day.  Yesterday we started in Wisconsin, then crossed into Illinois, Indiana, and finally Ohio.


Not too much to report for that trip.  Lots of toll booths – we spent about $30.00 in total yesterday.  It wouldn’t be so bad, except that to spend $30.00 in toll booths you have to go through about 15 of them.  We spent anywhere from .70 cents in one to a maximum of $8.00 in another.  It would be a lot easier if they could just figure out a way to charge you once for the day, instead of nickel and diming you over and over. 

The only other thing of interest was driving through Chicago.  We had a good view of the city, and lots of traffic.  We even got to hear WBEZ Chicago straight from the source (for those not familiar with WBEZ, I recommend you trya a listen of the podcast “This American Life”.)  Anyway, we decided not to stop Chicago, since we will be spending time in D.C. and hopefully New York, so we figured that would fill our city quota.



Anyway, that was it.  We are now heading out of Ohio, bound for Pennsylviania, then Maryland.  Tomorrow, if all goes according to plan, we’ll start our exploration of D.C.



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