Thursday, September 12, 2013

Peter and the Star Catcher!

Posted by Katie

Today we took the metro to Central Park, one of the half wonders of the world (well, that is in my book.)

You want to make sure you step back on the platform in the New York subway.
But even before that we walked from our hotel to Times Square where we bought tickets to see a show this afternoon.

Sitting in Times Square, waiting for Mom to buy tickets to a show.

Then we took the metro to Central Park.  We saw Belvedere Castle from The Smurfs, Turtle pond, the Great Lawn, Cedar hill and a statue of some Polish guy on a horse.

My brother Alexander in the subway.

I'm not sure they should be sitting there.

It was really hot in the subway, and I got tired waiting for the train.

At Belvedere castle with my Mom.

I don't really know who this Polish king was, but he had a good statue.

Next up was lunch and then the show Peter and the Star Catcher, it’s basically how Peter Pan became Peter Pan.

I thought the play was pretty good, and pretty funny.
That night we walked to the empire state building and FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE!  but luckily later that night we got a great view so we do have a picture.

The Empire State Building at night.  We got to stay out late, and got ice cream in the park.

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