Friday, September 27, 2013

Renaming Ceremony!

Posted by Katie

The new name had to be covered up so Poseidon or Neptune wouldn't see it until the ceremony was complete.  We used our fanciest towel ;-)
Yesterday we had the wonderfully, weird renaming ceremony!  We had to get champagne, a treat, some wine glasses and any friends around had to come or we would have really bad luck.

Our neighbour Betty came to join us in saying goodbye to Kalalau and hello to Monashee.  Dad read the ceremony off the internet.
We also had to take anything off the boat that said the old name Kalalau.  Also during the ceremony we were not allowed to say the old boat name or show the name until the ceremony was done or ‘bad luck’.

I got to pour the champagne for the ceremony.
Then we had to do this big speech to the four wind gods plus Neptune and Poseidon.  Then we had to throw some champagne into the sea in a certain direction (like East to West, and North to South). 

Throwing champagne into the water as a treat for some gods of the wind and the sea.
Then we got to uncover the name and eat cupcakes!  And of course I went for a dip in the pool after. Smile

Our boat is now officially Monashee!

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