Sunday, September 22, 2013

Spooky Spirit

Posted by Christopher

Halloween is coming!
When we first drove out to explore in Ft. Lauderdale we came across a pleasant surprise.  We realized that Halloween  was only about a month away. The way we found that out was by driving by multiple Halloween stores near each other. This way we pieced together that it wasn't a coincidence. They were all fairly cool stores with frightening decorations to put out in front of your house and really awesome looking costumes.

I'm the hero Gotham deserves.  Not the one it needs.
We went into a particularly large one called Spirit. It had some of the scariest decorations including a whole asylum themed area. They also had step pads to trigger the insanely scary asylum figures to whirr into motion. After that they had a series of different jumping spiders that when you walked by you got vigorously leapt at.


There were plenty of cool costumes and the two that I saw and really liked were Batman and Finn from Adventure Time. The reason that Batman is on my top two is that I recently re-watched the Dark Knight and therefore decided that Batman would be awesome to be for Halloween. The reason for Finn though is that at our house we don’t have cable just Netflix, meaning I rarely get to see Adventure Time. Although as we've been travelling down the States we can watch it on hotel cable, and I've really enjoyed it.

Alexander Adventure Time!
So if you have an opinion please leave it in the comments section below!

Sometimes Mom and Dad make us leave the mall and go to the beach.


  1. You should be batman. Some of my friends and I are being tetris blocks.

  2. You should be batman. Some of my friends and I are being tetris blocks.

    1. I found another cool costume, but I've decided not to be Finn. I'm currently leaning towards Batman. We'll see. Tetris blocks sounds cool. Very 80s.