Friday, September 27, 2013

I’m sick and tired of this, literally

Posted by Alexander


Looking good, still feeling kind of crappy.
I have discovered one of the major drawbacks of home schooling. You don’t get to take days off when your so sick you’re worried you might cough up a lung. OK I'm not THAT sick. But I have been sick for like two weeks now and it’s really starting to tick me off. I'm tired all the time because I keep waking up in the middle of the night and coughing like something that coughs a lot. I don’t know. An ill slug? Anyways it’s so frustrating because this is supposed to be a really cool experience but being sick is dragging it down.

On a happier note the boat is coming along awesomely. There’s even a guy coming today to paint the name Monashee on the boat (If you've read my first blog you know how I feel about that). Annoyingly, in that way that parents do, my parents were right. I have adjusted to the idea of the name Monashee. Now all that dislike for the name is directed at myself for letting Mom and Dad be right again. To get back at them I’m going to try and make it really hard to criticize this piece of writing so they can’t be all like “Ooohhh capitalize this and put a comma that…”. ( That was probably a lot funnier in my head then written on paper).

Taking a break from home schooling and parents who are right all the time.  Rrrrgh.
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