Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Climbing in Coral Cliffs (finally)

Posted by Christopher

Finally got my parents to take me climbing!
When we first left Kootenay Lake to start this trip one of my cousins made the remark that I should take up climbing. Now, I had climbed before at gyms in Vancouver but not for a year at least. So I decided that I would make it a goal to try to get to a gym sometime on this trip. Although if you’ve been paying attention to our blog we have not gotten to one, UNTIL NOW!

We were driving around Ft. Lauderdale when I remembered this. So I asked my Dad and he said he would check on his phone. Sure enough we were near Coral Cliffs Climbing Gym.

Katie, showing off her climbing muscles.
All five of us entered the building and it instantly looked awesome. There were spacious walls all around with nicely placed and just reachable handholds. It was pretty expensive so we had a short discussion before we decided that it was worth it.

Totally worth it!
We started to climb with our parents belaying us and we had LOADS of fun. The hardest thing I climbed was a straight wall up to an overhang on which you needed to shimmy sideways over a gap. Then you could pull yourself up to a higher section of wall that you could use to reach the top.

Once Mom and Dad showed that they knew how to belay, they both got to belay us, so that mean lots of climbing for all three kids!
After a couple hours of difficult climbing we all started to get tired so after one last climb (which I barely got up because my hands were so sweaty and I was out of chalk) we turned in. I was very satisfied with the amount and difficulty of the climb but I was a little sad I couldn’t do more.

Alexander, showing, how it`s done.

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