Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Day Of Labor

Posted by Alexander

We worked extremely hard yesterday at the water park resort known as Glacier Canyon Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells. There were lots of stairs we had to climb to get to the amazingly fun water slides.


Hotel pool...


We also enjoyed a rope course suspended above an arcade. There were multiple floors full of tightrope walking and shoe-width bridges.  Luckily everyone was strapped in. On one of the more terrifying suspensions I suddenly and vividly imagined what would happen should my harness snap. That was pretty much the most terrifying moment of my life.

Our favourite water slide was the hurricane. You slid down on a big tube but a sudden drop threw us into a big cone-like structure where we went up the sides and slid threw the funnel shaped end.

Everyone at home starts school today.  We are fitting as much education into our trip as we can.  I'll sum up our schooling so far:

Yellowstone= Science
Mt. Rushmore= History
Travelling= Geography
Blogging = English
Water park= best P.E. class ever!

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