Monday, September 23, 2013

Living on a boat in Florida

Posted by Katie

Yesterday we did a lot .  First we had school.  I sat down to learn some French on Rosetta Stone with a bowl of Cheerios.   I learned words like nage and garcon (nage means swim and garcon means boy).

Dad, teaching school to Alexander.  I think they are cheating at math by using a calculator.
Next we went to do a few chores.  The fist chore was to get some stuff at a store named Target,  then was a mall where we went to Game Stop and to look at  video  games while mom was in the Container Store.  Then we got lunch.  After was the Hallowe’en store.

More Halloween store time

last night we went for a swim in the bowling hot sun.  Then we had dinner it was very tasty.  we had pasta,carrots and grapes

Trying out the new SUP.  I`m pretty good!
Today we should do some more chores, go to a climbing gym and go to the beach and maybe a Halloween store.

Hanging out on our new house.

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