Sunday, September 8, 2013

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, D.C.

Posted by Christopher

The Lunar Landing Module from the first manned mission to the moon

If you can remember my remark about Yellowstone being one of the best places to go on a school field trip, I can now tell you that Yellowstone just got out-scienced.

You see, in school, two of the topics that I enjoy most are Space and Aeronautics.  So, I really loved this section of the museum.

Definitely the best section for me was either the space suits (I really like suits and gear) or the Wright brothers because of all the cool history involved.  I thought it was interesting that people didn't believe the Wright brothers at first, but once they saw a live demonstration, they were convinced, and the Wright brothers became famous.

The Apollo-Soyuz capsules from the first joint American/Russion space mission in 1975.

Skylab - an American space station.  You could go inside and get an idea of what life was like for the astronauts.

The Spirit of St. Louis - the first plane to be flown solo across the Atlantic by Charles Lindbergh.

Another thing I was a fan of was the transportation on the way to the museum. The last time I’ve ridden a subway was in Vancouver, Canada at least a year ago. When we first tried to buy our tickets we had a little bit of technical difficulty but we soon had it figured out and were on the way.  Riding the quick subway was fun and fast so I’m happy that’s how we got to the Smithsonian finally.

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