Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another day on the boat

Posted by Katie

Hello. I’m back and blogging. I’m sure you want to hear about the awesome pool I spent most of the day in yesterday.  It’s shaped like a normal pool only it has really cool fish painted into the tiles on the bottom. The hot tub  is in that same rectangle but it’s separated with kind of see through blocks.

Yesterday morning was our fist day of school. I had to do French. I learned a lot.

Yesterday we also went to McDonalds in the boiling sun for lunch. Luckily when we came back we went for a swim.  Oh, and now we have two really annoying Minion toys from our Happy Meals.

Once we’re done decking out the boat I think we should do all these: see the art museum, go to a climbing gym,take the dinghy out, go to Build-a-Bear and see the Halloween store. There is probably some more that I forgot but that’s all for now.

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