Monday, September 16, 2013

The Pirate House- AYE AVAST!

Posted by Christopher

As we arrived in the city of Savannah, Georgia we were tortuously hungry.  We got to our hotel, then quickly began to walk around in search of decent food.

Savannah market, looking for food.

We made it to a old looking building called the Pirates' House, a cool place with only candles lighting it, and aged wooden walls in order to make a spooky vibe about it.

We sat down and ordered our food after quickly being greeted by a pirate calling herself Black Betty. She told us some facts about the pirate house including that it was the oldest building in the state of Georgia and some history about the pirates who used lo live there. Also apparently there are ghosts now roaming the house.

Arrr, where's my menu?  Oh, it's on the back of my hat.

The only way to completely cure red eye is with two eye patches.

Soon we got our food and it was monstrous portions. My Mom was very surprised when they gave her half a chicken. After a little while we finished what was humanly possible to eat and headed out. We walked for a little while down the cobblestone path along the Savannah waterfront.  There were lots of people out enjoying the warm night.  We heard live music from the bars and from the street musicians.  Eventually we made it back to our hotel.

The Savannah waterfront.

All of downtown Savannah had a piratish look about it.
All in all I thought the food was fairly good and the service was great. The portions were giant, but the best thing about the pirate house was the spooky pirate atmosphere.

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