Monday, September 30, 2013

It Gets Worse! Then Better.

Posted by Alexander Sept. 30

A couple days ago I was sleeping like regular people tend to do. Then I had the the joyful experience of bashing my foot into the wall. I don’t know how I managed to do that in my sleep but Christopher has the sound theory that I was fighting off ninjas in my sleep. Well the next morning I got up and I could barely walk so dad had a look and said I may have broken it. Joy. It is already feeling a bit better though so it’s probably not broken.

More exciting than that is we are going to Disney World! We actually leave today (but still have to do school first). It sounds like Disney World is comprised of four parks and Disney Land (in California) is only two, so it might be a little crazy.

Yesterday we all went to Palm Beach to swim and relax. The waves there were colossal and it was pretty scary.

The waves were even bigger than this one
We went swimming a few times and the current pulled us down the beach. When we tried to get back to shore we had to fight the undertow all the way in and get dragged back out if we weren't careful. Katie stayed on the shore so she wasn't having to swim in the waves, and had a cute little game where she sat on the beach and let the waves come up to her and push her around.

Katie playing in the water
 I tried this but when I stood up after I was covered in wet sand, everyone was. Luckily for us there were showers.

The forest above the beach was full of huge spiders and I couldn't help but feel like a spider was going to drop on my head. It was kind of like that scene in Harry Potter with all the huge spiders. It was freaky.
See you at Disney World.

We decided to walk there, Katie got a little tired.

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