Monday, November 18, 2013

Zombie apocalypse in the Bahamas

Posted by Scot

If the zombie apocalypse or World War III (feel free to choose the Armageddon scenario appropriate to your generation) has occurred in the last few days, we would have no way of knowing.  We saw exactly one other living person today, when we were walking along the deserted beach of Little Farmer’s Cay.  The isolation of these islands at this time of year is remarkable.  We have all heard of tourist low season, but this is really tourist “no” season.  In fact, we have only seen one other cruising boat in the last few days as well.  There was another catamaran holed up in Black Point off Great Guana Cay, waiting for the latest front to blow through.  We never really saw any people on the boat though – probably since all of us spent most of the time inside hiding from the weather.

Not zombies.  Yet.

Today, the wind eased off enough for us to sail down the length of Great Guana Cay, and tuck in behind Little Farmer’s Cay.  In the guidebook, there is a picture of 30 or 40 boats tucked into this anchorage, watching a beautiful sunset.  Today, it is just us, and more wind and rain.

We took a short walk on the beach, and a truck rolled by on the airstrip runway that is right there.  We had just been joking about how isolated we were, and the kids pretended to run after the truck in desperation to see another human being. Of course, the friendly Bahamian man in the truck hit the brakes and backed up about 80 feet to make sure we were OK.  I guess he was as surprised to see someone else as we were.  Or maybe the zombie apocalypse has really happened and he was trying to warn us.  Anyway, when we assured him we were OK, he drove off, and left us all alone again.

The runway on Little Farmer's Cay - trying to see if running fast enough into the wind will establish any lift.  It didn't.

Hopefully the weather will start to improve in the next few days, as we are all getting a little cabin feverish without swimming, snorkelling, and getting a bit of space between us.   I know it sounds incredibly wimpy, since the average temperature is still around 25 degrees Celsius, but none of us really feel like swimming in the high winds and overcast that we are seeing right now.

Tomorrow, we continue our way down the Exumas, aiming for Georgetown where we are excited to meet my parents, who are coming for a visit.  It will be great to see them.  In fact, at this point, it would be  nice to see anybody.  But especially them, of course.

Hands on hips, telling everyone to smile.  I don't think Mom knew she was in this picture, too.

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