Thursday, November 28, 2013


Posted by Christopher


As Alexander and I were funnelling the cool breeze down our hatches in to our rooms, (definitely not playing video games) we heard a faint cry coming from above. I pulled out my headphones and listened closer, only to hear “DOLPHINS!” I halted what I was doing and swung around the wall, sprinting up the stairs. Alexander was close behind as we sprinted to the back of our boat. Sure enough, not twenty feet away from our boat were a pair of dolphins, jumping and playing.

Katie, Alexander and I whipped off our shirts, luckily wearing bathing suits underneath, grabbed our snorkel masks, so that we could clearly see the dolphins and dove in.


The dolphins were amazing creatures. They were sleek and agile in the water, and clever enough not to come within arms reach, but they were still very near. We kind of danced and played with the slightly wary dolphins, that were slowly moving away from our boat. After an appropriate amount of dolphin play time, I realized how far from our boat we had gradually gone, and so I began to head back.



Eventually I got back to the boat, and Alexander and Katie didn’t take too long to follow suit. Dad (who had joined us as well) finished up his picture taking and climbed out. As I dried off though, I had a thought. What if the dolphins went home and said to their family “hey guess what just happened!” “Today we were out on vacation when humans came along, so we went swimming with them”. “I’m gonna put it on my blog!”

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