Sunday, November 17, 2013

First Time Snorkelling on a Reef

Posted by Katie

I’m so glad we went snorkelling at Wardrick Wells.  This was my first time snorkelling on a reef.  It was awesome.  We tied our dinghy off on a little dinghy buoy.  The little dinghy buoys were all on top of a reef not one buoy was not on top of a reef. The reefs were in a location right next to Emerald Rock.  Emerald Rock was a giant rock covered in emerald green plants all over it.  It was so huge that you might even call it a small island.

Fishy Central
The first reef we went to was a reef with lots of beautiful coral.  And the fish were beyond belief there was this big school of big fish they were the biggest fish on the reef. They were about a foot and a half wide they won my prize award for biggest fish.  There were also these little ones about a quarter of a foot wide and won my award for most fish on the reef.  There were so many of them and they all swam at what I called Fishy Central.  The coral there had grown so high up that we couldn’t swim above it.  (By the way the only rule was to not touch anything on the reefs).

You win the award for Bluest Fish!

Then I kind of started to get bored so we went back to the boat got the camera and dinged back to Emerald Rock to snorkel on a different reef, and boy we chose an interesting reef just like before we strapped our flippers on, pulled our masks on, clipped our snorkels on and jumped in the water.  I swam around looking at all the fish and scaring them all around until I saw a really interesting plant on the side of the reef it looked really cool so I went and got my dad who had the camera when he was taking a video I went ahead and got the boys to show them.  once i had brought all the boys dad told us that what I saw was a lion fish and it was poisonous and bad for the reef so for the rest of the time snorkelling on that reef we were careful to stay away from it.  Later dad wanted to show me something before we leave he pointed into a rock and surprisingly there was two big lobster cuddled up in a rock and that’s all I can tell you.

The End Smile.

Lionfish - Keep Away!

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