Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Day Hurray

Posted by Katie

Halloween day started off with scary pancakes.
Today I’m going to tell you about our Halloween party. It took about a week of planning and the day of the party was pretty crammed too.  Here is the whole story starting from getting the party ready.  Everyone had a job that I had given them.  Dad was on music. I had given him a play list to set up and he added some other songs too.  The boys were on decorating but they  got grumpy sometimes so I fed them some sugar to keep them going.  I was on decorating the cake, getting the games, doing the magic show and making sure every thing went as planned.

Once we were done we decided to wait an hour until it was dark.  After an hour Alexander got us all to start the party.  Alex was dressed as a pirate, Chris was dressed as Robin hood and I was dressed as a vampire.  Mom was a witch and Dad was a burn victim but he took his wrapping off pretty early.

We remembered to get some Halloween costumes and decorations before we left Florida, so we were all ready when the day came.

Dad kind of threw his costume together at the last minute from our first aid kit.  I think he wrapped his bandages a bit tight.
Then we started the games.  I had made special games that were meant for Halloween.  We started with Halloween charades  then we finished making our home made pizza mom had started before. 

Halloween charades.
Then we put them in the oven and started another game.  After the pizza was ready and eaten it was time for the awesome mouthwatering scrumptious iced candy loaf cake that I worked on for half the day.  It was a pretty good cake.

We had the spider cake and candy all ready to go, too.
Anyways after the cake we went to trick or treat to all the hatches on the boat.  Mom and Dad went to the hatches and acted out different funny people.  The first person we met was Mom acting out an old lady, then we met Dad acting out Mom and then Mom acting out Dad.  The last one was a pirate and he gave us candy because I was apparently dressed as a pirate vampire and apparently Christopher was dressed as pirate Robin hood.  Weird right?  And last but not least (actually it was the most) the dance party!
Dad had put together an awesome playlist.  The party was legend… wait for it…...
…..dery.  We had put on the underwater lights, cranked up the tunes and went up to the front with the gleaming stars shining as bright as they could just to make our party that much better.  Goodbye and Happy Halloween!       

Since there was no one else around for miles, we cranked the music up and had a great dance party.

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