Monday, November 4, 2013

Different Halloween for Me

Posted by Katie 

Halloween is coming!  How will we celebrate it on a boat?
This Halloween I’m kind of depressed and kind of excited.  I am depressed because I won’t be able to go trick or treating back home or here and I always loved seeing what my friends were dressed up as.  I can’t trick or treat here because we will be anchored in the middle of nowhere.  We haven’t seen any other boats for days even though we are in the awesome Bahamas.  

But I am excited because I’m throwing an awesome Halloween party with streamers, cake, games, a dance party and we are even going to find a fun way to trick or treat on the boat.  I’ll let you now how it goes. I have a calendar to count down the days till Halloween. I have already started preparing for the party and I will still have lots of work today, tomorrow and especially the next day.  What are you doing for your Halloween?  Oh, and if you want to come you can always check out the blog I’m going to write after Halloween.  At least it will feel like you were here.  I haven’t decorated the boat yet though. 

Party planning on the beach!

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