Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Two Little Piggies

Posted by Christopher

This story begins at the start of the trip. I was told that in the Bahamas there was an island full of wild little pigs. These pigs were completely friendly and if you anchored near the island, the pigs would swim out to your boat and hang out in hopes of food. This idea completely convinced me that this trip was a good idea and this was one of the places I looked forward most to doing.

Lifting trees on pig island!  (Actually called "Big Majors Spot").
Back to now, we recently stopped to anchor in Staniel Cay. We saw where the Pig Island was supposed to be, but couldn't anchor directly there because of bad winds. I pleaded the current helmsman (my mom) to anchor at the pigs, but she wouldn't hear it. So we anchored a small dingy ride away from the Pig Island where it was sheltered.

We don’t have a picture of Staniel Cay. so here’s a picture of a beach, on a day when the weather was better and we were taking pictures.

Once we were fully anchored, Alexander and I played a wrestling game off the back of the boat to see who would fall into the water first. It was awesome though because even though I lost 80% of the time ( my brothers 2 years older than me and at LEAST a foot taller) it was still fun. Also since we were pushing into water my total injury count was just a bruise on my shin from hitting the edge as I fell in.

An honorable demise.
After our awesome battle, our whole family got in the dingy and took off to see Pig Island. It was five o’clock so it was just going to be a short trip but as we arrived at the beach, there were no pigs. We searched at the edge of the forest for a while but we didn’t see anything. after a while a started to track what looked like pig footprints on the sand, with Alexander, but we couldn’t find any pigs. We were about to give up hope, when we saw an adorable pink pig that Alexander called Hammond Eggs. Katie sprinted over to us while my parents stood by the dingy.

Hammond Eggs.
The pink pig was about the size of a 3 year old,crawling, with lazy eyes and a funny, stubby pink tail. The pink little pig didn’t seem to mind us and got very close, walking clumsily. after a couple minutes of the pig, halfheartedly walking around us, looking for food, another pig which was a light shade of brown and had dark brown spots bolted out of the forest. I named him Porka Dots almost immediately. We laughed and observed, and slightly interacted with the tame piggies for about ten minutes. Finally we decided we’d head back because it was getting dark and our adventure was complete.

Porka Dots

Wish you were here! From Hammond Eggs and Porka dots

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