Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lake in the Middle of Nowhere

Posted by Christopher

We pulled up on a beach in the middle of nowhere. Pristine white sand, probably only visited once every couple weeks, by unsuspecting sailors. We quickly anchored our dingy and began to hike up a trail, commonly whacking down spider webs belonging to spiders, with bodies larger than erasers and legs longer than needles.

 We continued to walk getting tired as the minutes past, when suddenly the trail broke out into a large opening, lined with trees and cliffs. The water looked pure and lively, like the sun had spent millennia perfecting the pool. The 6 metre drop into the salty lake, was straight and jumpable. We had found what we were looking for.

The blue hole on Hoffmann's Cay.  There is a cave right beneath where we are sitting.

We had heard of this, large, tranquil pond, but never seen it. We were overwhelmed with beauty and excitement. We had also heard of a path out from the pool, but we couldn’t see it. Alexander and I saw a path leading around and decided that it must be the right one, so we began to explore. We cowered down the path, with images of the spiders dropping down on us but kept moving. In a couple of minutes we hiked down to a wondrous cavern,directly beside the lake. We called to our companions (directly above us) and told them about this. They came down and were enticed by the cave themselves. We all stood in the shade of the cave, before alexander and I said “who wants to jump?'”

View from the cave.  The jumping spot is at the top of the picture.
We hiked back to the top of the cliff and got ready. After a small conversation about who needed to go first Alexander stepped back slowly, then ran forward and launched himself off, easily clearing any obstacle below. It looked maniacally entertaining, so not far behind him I flung myself off of the drop making great distance and flailing around to keep balanced, like a fish out of water. After the longest second I've ever experienced, a crashed into the salty lake and looked down what must’ve been a hundred feet. We did this again and again alongside our dad while my mom and sister stayed in the cavern below.

Alexander catching air.

Christopher right behind him.

After a joyful session of hurling myself off a cliff and getting my picture taken, I began just to swim instead of falling anymore. Soon my family joined me and eventually we were all swimming. It was a very serene moment with everyone in the water, just floating and soon people started to get out. we finally began to leave and I was completely happy. It was a good day and a good ending.

Floating in the blue hole.

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