Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dad Went Skiing Without Us

Posted By Alexander

Yesterday was a sad day.

The weather  wasn't great either.
Dad had to leave the boat for 10 days.  He went back to Canada to Red Deer to work for a week.  I guess someone needs to pay for this awesome boat trip.  But we all know what he really went to do.  He’s going to go skiing while we swelter in the heat.  He’s also doing Christmas shopping since there are no good stores for that down in the Bahamas. (I’m talking real Christmas and not the pre-Christmas we had with grandma and grandpa.)

While Dad’s been away things have been pretty mellow. We made some apple crumble yesterday but I think it needs some work. The oats were too crumbly and should have stuck together better.

Schoolwise we have a new subject to study. Now we are studying Spanish as the computer with French on it went with Dad to Canada.  Christopher is having his first lesson as I write and he says he feels Mexican already.  The pictures in the language program also show that Mexico has some yummy food!  Maybe we should make a detour to Mexico.

P.S. Dear Grandma and Grandpa Christopher finished his plane so check it out....

I think the real thing would fly better though.
Oh and Katie says she has fabulous nails.


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  1. I wish I was skiing. Unfortunately, just work this time. And I missed the apple crumble. You'll have to try another one when I get back, AJ.