Friday, November 15, 2013

Iguana’s Like to Nod.

Posted by Katie

Dad’s note: Another in our series of educational posts by the kids.  Here is Katie’s take on the unique iguanas we saw on Allen’s Cay.  Without an internet connection, our access to facts was pretty limited.  Nevertheless, prepare to be educated.


This is the rare Iguana project.  The only time you are going to see one of the Iguana’s I will be talking about is if you take a 50 foot popsicle that is the shape of the rare Iguana that I am talking about and put it exactly five feet from your house. Leave it for the night and in the morning there will be an iguana staring at you and posing for a picture. 


Just kiddingSmile.The only way you will see this specific type of Iguana is if you go to the Bahamas, stay in the Allens Cay and go to shore.  You will see big fat Iguanas and little thin ones too. You might see them fight,you might see them walk you might even see them charge up to you and nibble your toe off like a cute little Squirrel.  But watch out they do bite if you get too close. 


Fun fact :after Iguanas win a fight the like to nod there heads in a cute little fashion.

Iguanas are the biggest native land animal in the Bahamas.  Surprisingly they are actually herbivores not insectivores.          

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