Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day at the Beach

Posted by Christopher

After a sickening overnight passage, we arrived in the welcoming Berry Islands. We found a nice place to anchor a little ways off of a wreck and a small, pretty beach. I regret to inform you though, that we have not snorkelled the wreck yet on account of the water being too cold. I know that sounds a little pathetic, especially when coming from swimming glacier lake water, but I guarantee you that if you were in the hot sun all day, swimming only hot tub water, you would be in the same shoes.

Either way after a very lazy first day here, my dad and sister felt urged to go to the beach, so we lowered our kayak and sent them off. A little while later Alexander and I decided they must be having a blast on their pristine beach with nobody on it, so we inflated our paddleboard and attempted to get there ourselves.

Our private beach in front of our anchorage
After departing from the boat, with both of us sitting down with a kayak paddle we began to paddle against the wind to get to what looked like a beach paradise. I was in the front and therefore ended up getting splashed by every wave that we broke through and Alexander was in the back, lifting the front up a little and occasionally hitting me by accident with a paddle. Once we eventually reached the beach, tired and wet (at least me) we slid our board up on to the white beach out of the turquoise water.

Two brothers trying to get in sync with their paddles - I think it took a bit of practise
We immediately wanted to go for a swim in the water, because it was much warmer in the shallows, than by our boat. After that lazy float in the water, we went and built a mountain of sand, which I named Sandy Mountain. Soon we made a game of chucking more sand at it, in order to make it taller.
Finally we decided to leave the beach, so we placed our paddleboard in the water and departed. The paddle home was a little easier because the wind wasn't directly against us, but it had changed so it wasn't with us either. We finally reached our home once more and put back our gear, then dried off.

Everyone coming back to the boat from the beach

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