Monday, February 24, 2014

The Heat, the Hockey and the Canada!

Posted by Christopher

Now, I know that many of you are sitting in Canada right now, watching hockey in –20 degrees Celsius, but trust me in saying that it’s not a good sign when a Canadian feels room temperature at +25 degrees.  We’ve been seeing temperatures up to around 38 degrees during most days here.  We’ve cranked up the A.C. when it gets unbearable, so we’re fine, we just try to avoid the outdoor blistering heat.

2014-02-22 16.56.38
The thermometer on our boat, showing the current temperature.  This was actually shortly after we started the air conditioning, so the temperature is down a couple of degrees.

The next order of business that’s blogworthy happens to be (ironically) the winter Olympics. We decided that to miss them would be kind of sad and feel a bit like we’re missing too much home. So we decided to find a sports restaurant/bar to watch them at. So Mom found a place called Beaches, which must’ve had at least twenty big screen TV’s lining the walls all playing the women’s gold hockey game. The food was mediocre, but we had so much fun watching the game that we decided to come back the next day for the men’s game against America and then the men’s gold game as well! (Which happened at 7:00 AM our time).
For those who don’t know our family are not big hockey fans and have never watched much of it, but we decide that getting a little bit of Canada would be fun down here.

Also luckily, the bar was run by a Canadian fellow so the channels were Canadian and every time we got a goal the patriotic hockey fans would put down their beers for a split second to cheer!

2014-02-23 08.28.56
Keeping a close eye on the hockey game.
2014-02-23 08.27.51
Some of the other Canadian hockey fans watching the game with us at 7 in the morning.
That about wraps up what the last couple of days have been for me but we’re going to hopefully leave the Caymans, aiming at Honduras in the next few days. Bye!

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