Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Discovery in Discovery Bay

Posted by Katie.  Written Jan. 31, 2014.

These last few days we’ve been chilling in Discovery Bay.

One of the boats anchored next to us in Discovery Bay.
And I think we have found the right place to stay.  There are beaches right by a huge field of grass perfect for frisbees even though we played frisbee in the water.  There are lots of happy little fishes and the annoying sound of regae music in the night.

There are some big mansions in Discovery Bay.  We are anchored right in front of one.
In the mornings the wind shifts so that our stern is facing the exit of the bay which is away from the sun and makes our cockpit shady.  This bay isn’t the type you might call calm, but there isn’t much waves unless you catch another boat’s wake.

There is a reef keeping most of the waves out of the bay, but it is still a bit rolly.
The part that isn’t called calm is the wind.  It is usually a little hard in the mornings and by the end of the day it gets harder.  But it is pleasant to have wind rolling through our windows at the hottest time of day (the hottest time of day here is the afternoon.) If you don’t have any windows on the boat that are open for some reason and you are really hot then all you need to do is go to the front of the boat and you will be cooler!

More houses on Discovery Bay.
If you are wondering how there can be a lot of wind and not a lot of waves in one bay the truth is I don’t know so if you want to know you should comment on one of my Dads posts and ask him.

Another view of the bay.  The beach we played on is just at the top of the picture.

In Discovery bay this is the list of things we do: Breakfast, school, reading, Lego,

I made a whole Lego village.
lunch, Lego, swim or beach, dinner, reading, bed.

I'm sure glad we brought a big box of Lego to make being on the boat fun.

We also made some pretty awesome bread.

Alexander kneading the bread.

Thanks for reading!

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