Sunday, February 23, 2014

Diving to New Kites

Posted by Alexander Feb.23

The kite beach.
I know Dad has already blogged the diving so I’ll keep it brief. Diving was awesome. Going down into the ocean like you’re a superhero? Totally worth it.  It was fantastic to float down to 60 feet and seeing lionfish and all other sorts! There was a really cool moment where a stingray burst out of the sand and sailed off.

Underwater, like a superhero.
Anyway you’ve all already heard plenty about the diving. I’m here to tell you about the kite boarding. After diving we took a few days break from all the early mornings. Then we went and took some kite boarding lessons! The first day the wind was really good so it was going to be easy kite flying. Which as it happens was what the first lesson mainly consisted of. The two young guys that were our teachers told us that kite boarding is about 90% kite flying. So they taught us how to keep the kite where we wanted it and how to get it into the air. Once we had shown some proficiency with this we got to lay belly down in the water and move the kite. By moving it up to the top of it’s arc and then down again to create momentum. This drags you through the water with amazing power. So that was fun.

Hanging out at the kite shed.
Gearing up.  Katie stayed behind and was our photographer, so most of these pictures were taken by her.
Unfortunately the wind was pretty bad the next day and we gave up early. We never got another good wind day so we will finish our lessons somewhere else.

Christopher, modelling his kite harness.
Heading out to the sandbar in the boat.
We went to Camana Bay to watch the Lego movie! They have a theatre there (as far as we can tell the only one on the island). We couldn’t remember the last time we had seen a movie so we were all excited. I was also excited because:

A. The Lego movie had great reviews

B. I’ve been playing with Lego since I can remember and it has always been around for me. It was really cool to see something that had been a toy I’ve loved forever become a movie.

My review? Everything was awesome! The animation looked like they really made it with lego bricks even though I’m pretty sure it was all computer done. It was really funny and even had some touching moments for fans of Lego. I won’t say anything more in case I spoil anything but people should definitely go see the Lego movie.


2014-02-22 15.23.44
After the movie at Camana Bay, this guy was waiting on the dock by our dinghy.  He didn't budge an inch when we got right up close to him.  I guess when you are this big, you don't move if you don't want to.

More kites on the beach.

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