Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Camana Bay is Where the Fancy People Shop

Posted by Katie

Walking from the dinghy landing into Camana Bay

Yesterday was like we were back in Florida!  Not because it was hot (which it was) but because we took a trip in the dingy to somewhere called Camana Bay.  The trip there was a little sketchy because the motor wasn’t operating right, but when we got there we new it was worth it.

The dinghy parking was a lot better than the car parking at Camana Bay.  Way less crowded.
The dock was nice and woody and connected to a small island about 60 feet long and 30 feet wide with palm trees and hammocks.  Then the island connected to the real land with a bridge.  Once in the town we walked along the concrete shore line in awe.  Exotic plants grew here and there. Up ahead were a bunch of kids playing in water spouts with blue blocks of some kind.  Behind the mini water park grew a field of palm trees and  grass.  On the left of us there were stores and stores not to mention how many Ice cream shops there were.  On our right was a little cove the we had parked the dingy in.

There were lots of palm trees all around the shopping centre.
Quickly mom and dad decided to get some errands that we had come here for done, first we got mom a cell phone card so she would be able to call people.  We got the card at a place called MACS. Then we went to a book store to find some cruising guides.It was a place called Books and Books.  Alexander and I were as thrilled as ever, we were not aloud to buy books but we were aloud to look for some series that we like so we can buy them on our kindles which are an electronic device for reading. If you have Wi-Fi you can buy books you like online it is a huge store with almost any book but it is smaller than a bread box! 

Looking for ice cream at Camana Bay.
by now naturally we were getting hot so it was time for the ice cream but the problem was, where?  After studying every Ice cream shop we finally found one called Haagen-Dazs We went inside and ate.  Alexander got coffee flavor, Christopher got cookies and cream flavor, Dad got cookies and cream as well, Mom got tiramisu and I got chocolate.  the shop was very high end with cushioned  chairs and fuzzy couches.

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