Monday, February 10, 2014

Katie’s Birthday- Planning Mode

Posted by Christopher

It is February 5th and that means it’s Katie’s birthday!

A couple of weeks ago, Alexander and I were hanging out in my room when Katie stomped down the stairs and said “Hey you boys! My birthday is in a few weeks and I’m appointing you to plan my party! You cannot decline! Bye!” and from that point on, Alexander and I did the closest thing to forgetting possible, without actually forgetting. Although a couple of days ago, we got a jumpstart when Katie said “I’m so excited for my birthday!

She who must be obeyed.

So since then,  Alexander and I have been going at full speed to plan this party. Although, despite our original laziness, we’ve planned a seemingly awesome party, complete with games, cake, food, music, and presents! (We got Dad to get some first world country style presents, and then we went to the store at Montego Bay and got her some things like stuffed animals.)

Find the "Katie" in the cake.

This morning we filled up a ton of balloons and got Katie to make her own cake because of her affinity for making awesome cakes. She topped it off with gummy bears, but all the gummy bears are gone now, and it didn’t look like she used them all on the cake, so I wonder where they got to.

The mystery of the missing gummy bears.

Either way, after that we made Katie a birthday crown, and she liked that a lot.

The Birthday Queen!
Then we had a delicious meal of bacon and French Toast that Mom and Alexander had cooked up. The dishes load looked big, but Mom handled it very well and did all of them.

Breakfast dishes, before...
...and after.
Finally the joyous morning had ended but it is up to Katie to write the blog about her party, so I leave you with this; Bye!

For the cousins:

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