Monday, February 3, 2014

Quiet Time On The Boat And Menu Caty

Posted by Alexander.  Written Jan.30

On occasion there is a magical time on the boat. A time where everybody is feeling lazy and for one reason or another settle themselves in one of the nooks and crannies of the boat.

Mom doing some route planning.
Dad updating the blog.

This is my favourite time as I am lazy most of the time and enjoy it when nobody disputes my right to be. The gentle rocking of the boat seems to quiet everything down and everything is perfect. Sadly these times are brief due to two ticking energy bombs known as Katie and Christopher.

Energy about to explode.
They can be still but never for very long and so that is why quiet time is an island of peace. Because most of the time someone is bumping around making noise on the boat. Don’t get me wrong, the bumpiness is great too but quiet time is special to me. Speaking of which the quiet time during which I wrote this has just ended. Already the volume is ramping up and lunch is being made.

Which brings us to the second section of this blog. Today we had a dually adorable and delicious surprise. Katie who loves to do lunch for us had written up a curly menu with appetizers, “Bevriges”, Main course, and dessert. She said that it was La Menu Caty (French for Katie).

The menu at the "Menu Caty" restaurant.  The prices are in "H", which means hugs.
We decided we would be to full to have both main courses and appetizers so we cut to the chase. Christopher and I ordered root beer syrup in fizzy water thanks to the soda stream. And we picked off the main course menu which consisted of soups or sandwiches. We had sandwiches.

Mom was “Caty’s” cook so she started to toast some bread. (Now make sure before you read the description of moms awesome sandwiches that you have recently had a meal because if you are hungry, reading this will make you starve.) When the toast popped mom took it and laid mozzarella cheese on one slice. Next she spread sliced tomato on the blanket of creamy cheese and put sliced turkey on. After which she administered lettuce and then blessed the whole concoction with salt and pepper.

Now this might sound like a regular sandwich to you, dear reader but when you are on a boat certain commodities such as Lettuce, cheese and sandwich meat are hard to come by. These sandwiches were awesome! As we ate the beautiful waterfront view of the Menu Caty was stunning.

The waterfront view at the Menu Caty.
View of Discovery Bay from the Menu Caty
We had some “yougurt” for desert (That’s how it was spelled on the menu). We paid Katie for the meal with hugs which was the price on the menu. After lunch Mom declared another quiet time and we came full circle. I love this boat. 


  1. I would gladly pay a lot of hugs for any kind of sandwich right now. It's been so long since we've had a normal, non stir-fried lunch!

    1. We'd love to have you here to share some sandwiches and some hugs! Hope all is going well on your trip. We are just back to wifi after a week away, so will read your blog tonight.

  2. The girls and I would love to come to Menu Caty for lunch. We have loads of hugs saved up for you, and we miss Auntie Sara's sandwiches! The blog was very well-written, Alexander. Glad to hear you are loving the boat!