Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Blue Hole Again

Posted By Alexander

To take a break from sitting in George Town we went on a short three day trip to Long Island. The Bahamas one, not the New York one. The main attraction on Long Island is called Dean’s Blue Hole.  Apparently, it is arguably the deepest in the world. We rented a car and drove out to the little bay where the hole was.

We looked around for some children and non-swimmers to leave on the bank, but we couldn't find any.
I looked out over the water searching for a big round deep blue patch that would signify the blue hole. To my surprise it was to my left about five meters out into the water. It had a strange big white platform in the middle with a rope hanging down from it.

Dean's Blue Hole with the free dive platform in the middle.
Dad said it was a diving platform and we could pull ourselves down on the rope and see how deep we could go. As we went out over the blue hole little fish swam by ignoring us completely. The blue hole was just as it’s name described.  A huge circle of blue that went down and down and never seemed to stop.

Hanging out over the edge of the blue hole.
The diving rope just vanished into the murk. I tried a couple free dives down the rope but only got so far each  time before my ears threatened to explode. The blue hole is supposed to be about 200 meters deep but I couldn’t confirm or deny that from what I was able too see. Half the blue hole was open to the bay and the other was ringed by low cliffs.

Cliffs around the blue hole.
There were fish huddling at the base of the cliffs, and only a few ventured over the hole. Once we felt we had seen everything under the water we came up on shore and mom asked us if we were going to jump.  Christopher and I had no idea what she meant and then she pointed to the overhanging cliffs and said jumping was a big part of the blue hole. We found a little trail and went up the cliffs.

A C cropped
Standing at the top of the cliffs.
For a good couple of minutes Christopher and I just sat there debating whether to jump and risk our lives or to guarantee our safety and back down like cowards. I don’t know if we are just really stupid or really brave but I jumped.

This is the highest place I have ever jumped from. And Christopher and I both swear that when you jump it gets even higher. The world didn’t slow down dramatically though. In fact it went pretty darn fast. The wind rushed past my face and I struggled to stay straight so my landing wouldn’t hurt. When the impact came it was greater than I expected. The water pushed my arms away from my sides and for a second my whole body stung. Christopher went next and he landed in the water with a huge splash.

Christopher getting some serious hang time.
For reasons I cannot explain I decided we should go again. And we did. And it was terrifying again. And we got awesome pictures. And that is my personal favourite of the three blue holes we have seen so far.

Deans Blue Hole Jump from Scot Mountain on Vimeo.


  1. Not stupid...SUPER DUPER Brave!! Thanks for the great post. Maddy and Ginny

    1. Thanks Gin, but I'm not sure you should be encouraging them. There is a fine line between super duper brave and stupid that could easily be crossed. We'll try to keep it reined in. Hope you all had a great Christmas! Scot