Saturday, December 28, 2013

First annual Christmas poetry slam

Dad’s note: Earlier this  fall, one of my greatest friends in the world (K. McJ) who also happens to be an English teacher, asked each of the kids to write a poem at some point this year and post it on the blog.  Coincidentally, as part of her Christmas party planning, Katie decided a fun Christmas party activity would be if we were each assigned a Christmas topic, and given 10 minutes to write a poem, that we would then all share.  (I have no idea where she gets her party planning ideas, but if you ever get a chance to attend a party planned by her, I suggest you jump on it).  

Below are the results of our Christmas poetry slam.  Christopher abstained from having his published, but he did write a great poem for Shakey McJ a couple of months ago that I will post at some point, if he lets me.

Hope you enjoy our poems!  I have thrown in a few random pictures so you can see what the Bahamas look like around Christmas.


Katie’s poem: The Elf

Elves can be sweet and funny
Some can even be quit punny. 
They can wiggle your nose and say “stay outa’ my way.” 
Some make toys, some care for the reindeer. 
And some boy the just get into Mischief! 
Elves have many, many talents that have been shared over lots of Christmas’s. 
In the real world they would pass for lots of jobs like: builder, vet, architect and much more. 
But I think the most wonderful talent that all the elves have is kindness.


Mom’s poem: Jack Frost

Cold nose,
Freezing toes,
Woolly hat,
Extra fat,
Furry mitts,
Snowball hits,
Tall skis,
Fat skis,
Short skis,
Skinny skis,
Ice skate,
Snow flakes,
Hot cocoa,
Toboggan loco,
Snowball tossed,
Jack Frost


Alexander’s Poem: Reindeer

Reindeer are like horses with large horns that love snow
And they are smart. There is lot’s that they know
But all elves know is that they have to stoop,
To clean up the reindeer’s big stinky poop.
Reindeer are smelly and they fart quite a lot.
So one night the head elf came up with a plot.
The reindeer would vanish from under Santa’s nose.
And to elves no longer a stinky threat would they pose.
But Rudolph caught wind of the naughty imp’s scheme
He tattled to Santa causing the plan to fail,
And making all elves everywhere wail.


Dad’s poem: Santa (On the Lam)

Dressed in red,
Beard of white,
Riding a sleigh,
Out all night.
Freezing fingers,
Freezing toes,
Chilly earlobes,
Icy nose.
Dropping presents
Under your tree.
Breaking and entering
Is a felony.
Late one night,
In the house of a cop.
Handcuffs on.
Straight to jail, no stops.
Locked up tight
One year in the clink.
Next Christmas time,
See the children’s hearts sink.
Not a present in sight,
Not a card in the mail.
Poor Mrs. Claus
Couldn't post bail.
One year later, though,
Christmas came back.
Santa showed up.
Presents in his sack.
How did he do it?
What deal did he make?
Don’t spill the secret.
Rudolph staged a prison break!

Merry Christmas!



  1. Hey, I'm going into withdrawal here with no new posts. I might have to go out and get a life of my own if I can't read about yours. I hope all is well and you are just having too much fun or out of range to post.

    1. Hi Pete,

      Sorry for the lack of posts recently. We are currently in Cuba, and communication is limited at best here. No opportunity to upload all our new posts. We are hoping to get to Jamaica sometime next week, and will start to catch you up on the blog when we get there. Don't worry, you don't have to go out and get a life of your own! All is well with us. Cuba is a fascinating place. Hope things are good for you too. We have heard rumors of terrible weather in Canada, but we are not sure if that is just Cuban propaganda.
      Will blog soon! Scot

    2. No it's not propaganda, we are having a Real Canadian Winter this year. Wish we were there. We get to thaw out in Key West Florida for a week in March.
      I'll wait patiently for your posts.
      Have fun, keep safe.

  2. Wow! I love that poem, pretty hilarious!
    I wish to read more of this from you. Love your blog :)

    Best wishes on holiday,
    short Christmas poems