Sunday, December 1, 2013

Arts and Crafts!

Posted by Katie

Today I will write about arts and crafts which is code for pretty much anything.  Now the art of crafts is the main thing in this blog.  The thing is, at Fort Lauderdale I was looking for a poster for my room but sadly I never found one.  So now every once in a while I put up and take down crafts from my walls.

Some of my second favorites.

This is the life of a person who would like something on their wall that is creative and unique.  I like to make a new piece at least every two weeks.  My most unique and favourite piece is a picture of a monohull.   It has a bright green sail and a white mast, blue water, red background and an orange sun to make it look like a sunset.  It was made out of cut up paper and was the art project that got my award for 'made me most proud.'

Oh I forgot to tell you about the 40 horse power motor
On my pre-Christmas party my Grandma and Grandpa got me the cutest little sea otter stuffy.  So I thought I should bring in the art of hugging the cutest little stuffy in the universe!

My Grandma and Grandpa also got me a nail polish set and soon enough I became a little bit obsessed with it.  But I’m happy to note that I am still not that girly.

Like my pink nails?
Do you know what I love doing? ….

Yes, Baking!  I bake cakes, pancakes, apple crumble, brownies and all those kind of things.  Some mornings I make pancakes but the Monashee tradition (stating now) is that whenever I make pancakes the art of me wearing bunny ears must be attended and I think that’s about it.

Looking awesome!
 Byyeee Smile!

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