Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve on the Boat

Posted by Christopher

Just to start off this blog, I need to say: Our Christmas Eve was great.

It started off in the morning with my Dad and I going to East Beach. The reason for just us going, was that we originally were just going to go kayaking and “SUPing” together. When we didn’t know where to go, Dad suggested that we go to east beach, and I was much obliged! So we put our paddling vehicles up on the bank, and we began to hike over to the beach. The water was the clearest I had ever seen it and the waves were perfect for body surfing. Even with the large, but not massive waves, you could still see your shadow in perfect detail. Eventually we got tired and so we decided to head back to the boat.

Waiting for the wave.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful up until about 4 o’clock. This was supposedly when carolling at the beach was happening, so we leapt in to the water and began to breast stroke our way to the beach! (Except for mom who paddled on the paddleboard). When we got to the beach the carolling was just beginning to start, but there were no songs anyone in our family knew the words to, so we just decided we would play around on the beach. My Dad and I started to throw a Frisbee around and my brother was hanging out with some other kids at the beach. Eventually we thought we would finish our Christmas Eve on our own so we headed back to our boat.

Cruiser's Christmas carols on the beach.

We decided to play the present game (which I will not go into detail on how to play, but essentially I won!) and I got a cool balloon helicopter which I want to try out some time. Next we played with some of the dominoes that Katie got and that was when Mom came out with a delicious dinner she had been working on. It was a spicy meat pie called Tortiere and it was delicious. Finally I started to go to bed and that was the end of Christmas Eve.

Mom's delicious tortiere.

Christmas eve dominoes on the boat.