Saturday, August 31, 2013

Yelleystone (and headache) ((inc.)) (((I’m not sure if (( )) is a real thing)))

Posted by Christopher

Today if you were to blame me for not doing school when I’m supposed to, you would be wrong!

Yellowstone National Park is the best school field trip ever.  All the information about geysers and volcanic history is highly informative.  At the same time they are just fun to watch.

Also with places like the Grand Canyon of  the Yelllowstone you can get some exercise (which can be hard to come by while on a road trip) and one of the best views in Yellowstone.

Now this doesn’t mean that everything is perfect here. The accommodations that we stayed in (a little cabin outside the hotel) were a little smelly, and while being cozy, also not the most luxurious. But all in all if your not staying in the grand hotel (which you should if you have a little extra money) they were not a bad place to sleep.

As we were driving to our next hotel outside of Yellowstone I began to get a headache. I thought nothing of it because like most other car headaches I thought it would go away. Later though, as we got out of the car to our hotel I realized that it was a full bore migraine and if I couldn’t ditch it I basically needed to go to sleep and end the rest of the day for me. So I tried Tylenol and Advil and those didn’t help a bit so I decided before I gave in I’d see if a swim would help. I quickly ran down to the hotel’s swimming pool and leapt into the hot tub. Instantly the headache dropped down ten-fold. Next I hopped into the larger colder pool. This completely dominated the headache and soon by doing this I got rid of it. So for migraine getters, SWIM!


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