Sunday, August 25, 2013

My First And Best Post Ever Of All Time So Far

Posted by Alexander
Alexander 2

My name is Alexander. This is my first blogpost ever of my life. Stories usually start at the beginning so sticking with that tradition, that’s where I’ll start.

My father has always wanted a boat of his very own (to share with the family of course). My mother always sort of laughed at the notion until they both started looking seriously at boats online. I seemed to be right in thinking something was up because as we can all see, we now own a boat.

Today I will be talking about one thing that really gets under my skin. Our boats name (he said contemptuously). There were three serious suggestions for the boats name. Lynx line, my favorite for several reasons. 1 it has a cat in it and we are sailing on a catamaran. 2. it is a ski run on the mountain we live next to. 3. it involves mountains. 4. it reminds me of home.

Another name was Elwing, along with being a cool name she is a character from Tolkien.

The last name and my least favorite was Monashee. It’s the mountain range we live in and means peaceful mountain but for some reason I just don’t like it. I will probably grow to like it but still it just doesn’t roll off my tongue. Guess which one got picked?

Alexander 1

As much as I hate to end this abruptly I don’t have much more time to write now but I’ll get back to you next entry.

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