Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Puerto Isla Mujeres

Posted by Katie

We like this marina, mainly because it has a nice pool.

Puerto Isla Mujeres.  Yup that’s where were staying, safe from the grasp of waves in a bay that cuts into Isla Mujeres.  By the way for those of you who don’t know Spanish (or Espanyol) the J in Mujeres is pronounced like an H.  And what does Isla Mujeres mean?  Island Women, and that’s all the Spanish lessons I’m doin’ today!

On to  the  marina!  The dock at Puerto Isla Mujeres is long and high with pylons sticking up all around keeping the dock in place and making it hard to fend off our boat with our bumpers.  Fortunately we managed to get a spot where there were less pylons. In the evenings from the boat you can see tons of fishing boats pile in to the other marina’s.  Our marina itself isn’t very busy but we like it.

We have all our fenders out to protect Monashee from the high dock.
The marina was busier on the weekend, when there were lots of fishing boats here for a fishing tournament.
At the end of the dock there is a red roofed building with the bathrooms and the garbage.  The office is up past the pool and has AC and a bunch of wonderful couches.

One of the women on the Island of Women
The marina has a  wonderful pool  that is clean and round.  It has a pool side bar that the chairs are in the water and the table is out.  Me and my siblings like to play around a fountain to the side of the pool.

Playing in the fountain at the pool.

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