Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cay Caulker- The Cay of the FUTURE!

Posted by Christopher

Walking on the beach, Cay Caulker.

A couple of days ago we arrived in Cay Caulker, Belize. A nice cay where we were planning to stop for a few nights before going on to Mexico.

So we dropped the anchor and laid back to hang out for about 10 minutes, until I heard Alexander calling to the rest of the family going LOOK! LOOK! So naturally we looked, only to spot somebody using a water jetpack. Which, for those of you who don’t know what that is, is essentially a jetpack that sprays water instead of using a jet. It is hooked up to a jet-ski (not sure if that’s for fuel or the water it uses as propulsion) and pretty much just flies around with somebody having lots of fun! So I just watched that enticing event for half an hour, until we decided we should go to shore.

We were at shore within 15 minutes and already exploring the town of Cay Caulker. It was a pretty run down place with not a lot to see. There was the standard third world country grocery store which essentially has the same contents as a dollar store (but for cheaper! yay!) and a grocery store mixed together, to create the only store that anyone seems to shop at in these towns.

Next, since it was about lunch time we decided to have lunch. We went to a restaurant that had a couple tourists and a couple locals inside (essentially a crowd) to increase the chances that we weren’t going to get food poisoned.  I just ordered a hamburger, to keep it simple and my brother did too. Although, what I thought was a food that couldn’t really be made too badly, turned out not to be very good at all. I ate it anyway, but didn’t feel like I had a very fulfilling lunch.

Waiting with eager anticipation for lunch.  Unfortunately, as it turned out, this lunch probably should have been skipped altogether.

That night Alexander got rather sick, which could only be pointed at our lunch, which was not a good sign for me. Luckily I somehow managed to avoid getting sick.

The next day I was just eating breakfast when I heard a call from Dad. He had seen some REALLY cool dinghy’s which were flying. Literally, they had a glider on the top and a propeller on the back and they were taking off! We watched them for a long time after and I managed to get some pictures, even though they were moving really quickly. After this encounter adding on to the jetpacks, I decided that Cay Caulker was probably a place of the future.

Flying dinghy, getting ready for takeoff.
We really need to get one of these for our boat!
Later we decided to go to a place about two hours away, called San Pedro. When we finally got there, we realized that the wind and waves were going to be too big to spend a night there; so we decided to fill up on water and go back to Cay Caulker.

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