Wednesday, May 7, 2014

El Cid Marina and Resort

posted by Alexander

The marina at El Cid was part of an all inclusive resort.  We didn't get any of the all inclusive stuff like meals or anything, but we did get to use the pool, which was awesome.
So the last blog we did told about some of the places we went to in Belize. Well that was a few days ago and after an overnight passage we arrived in El Cid Marina in Mexico! Here’s a little bit about the passage. My watch went pretty late on this passage. I went from eight o clock to eleven o clock and some pretty cool stuff happened while I was on watch. We didn’t have any engines on but there was so much wind that we went as fast as ten knots! That is the fastest that our boat has ever gone on our trip! So anyway we made our very speedy way to El Cid.

El Cid Marina is cool but the best part is definitely El Cid Resort. There is an amazing beach covered with palapas and these bed things with curtains around them that look really comfy. There’s also a bar, a volleyball net, and some soccer nets. On the kids behalf though, our favourite part is the pool. The pool itself is very big but not very deep. It has a water volleyball net and a basketball hoop. The coolest part is a big rocky hill that has a waterslide running down through it and also a big jump into a really deep pool. The waterslide is so fast that it tosses you around and actually hurts quite a bit.

Katie flying down the waterslide.
Christopher catching air off the cliff jump.
The best part is undeniably the jump. This is because the lifeguard really doesn’t care what people are doing on there. Christopher and I have tried tons of cool things on there that definitely would have got us in trouble in Canada. One of the craziest things we did was Christopher leapt at me and grabbed me and shoved us both off the jump! The lifeguard didn’t give it a second glance. one thing he probably should have been doing was enforcing the written rules of the jump. There was a sign by it that clearly stated that you had to be ten to jump without a parent with you but there were five year olds in life jackets leaping off of there and I didn’t see a parent.

In Mexico the rules are a bit more flexible than back home.
The splash after the jump.
We also went to see a show about the Mayans at nine but it was basically a bunch of music and dancing in feathered costumes. Christopher and I had been hoping for something a little more informative but it was still cool.

They had a huge iguana that they let you pose with.  The guy in the foreground with the sunglasses is the official photographer.  He is telling us not to take any pictures of our own.  Ooops!
We should be here for about a week before heading off again. So we will try our best to keep you all posted.

Sunset over El Cid.

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