Thursday, June 19, 2014

USS Alabama Pink and White and Military Fright.

Posted by Katie

Coming aboard the USS Alabama.  Dad said next time we head out to sea, we should take one of these.
After leaving Florida we entered Alabama.  As soon as we got on the Bridge we saw it.  On the other side of the river was a gigantic war ship with an uncountable number of guns, canons and turrets.

On the other side of the bridge we came around towards the warship and saw a submarine and a ton of fighter jets and bomber planes.  Once we got closer we realized that we could go on the USS Alabama and the submarine.

The big guns on the front of the ship.  Look at the size of the anchor chain.  I'm glad it wasn't my job to pull up that anchor.
So we got tickets in what was like the gift shop and I got a new hat.   Yup, I had left my old hat at The Kennedy space Center so know I was getting a new one.  It was Pink and white Yeah that’s right. Pink and white.

My new pink and white USS Alabama hat.
On the USS Alabama we got to walk all the way down to the bottom floor and the top one.  Then we got to go on to the Submarine.

Christopher took a try on the anti-aircraft guns.  He didn't shoot anyone down, though.
These are some of the shells for the big guns.
This was the store on board.  They had lots of old products from the 1940s.
Christopher and I spent some time in the brig.
This is where the sailors slept.  There wasn't much room for each one.  We each had a lot more room on Monashee.
This was the galley on board.  The cooks were making fake sausages.
once we were inside the Submarine Alexander, Christopher and Mom went ahead while Dad and I discovered the inside of the periscope.

The two newest sailors on the 'Bama.
Once we were out of the Submarine  we looked at some of the planes got back into the car and got on our way.

Cool Fact: USS stands for United States Ship.

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