Friday, June 13, 2014

Let’s Go Go Karting

Posted by Alexander

As a special break from all our work this wee k, we got to go Go Karting!
For a couple of days, Mom and Dad had been caught up in the survey of the boat and we had just kind of been left to our own devices at the hotel room. They were gone on the sea trial and the haul out, so they left us some money and a cell phone in case we needed to call them. We went to the mall just across the street from our hotel for lunch every day and even saw a movie there.

When all the surveying was done Mom and Dad came back and they said we should go do something fun. So we went Go Karting. The place we arrived at had two big indoor tracks and a separate section for people to sign up. It was pretty expensive but everybody had been working hard on the boat and I guess we all deserved a treat.

Ready to Go Kart.
We had to make accounts on these computers that, awesomely had little cars as mice. We had to pick account names. Katie picked “The Safe Speedster” which I thought was pretty adorable. After we were all signed up they told us we had to wait for our races. We managed to set it up so that we got to watch Katie (who was in the junior race) and she got to watch us. As we watched Katie race we saw that she had named herself accurately. She wasn’t very fast but she was the most precise racer on the track. Christopher and I were a little worried because the racing didn’t look like very much fun.

The Safe Speedster heading out for a few laps.

Waiting for our turn.
When our race came around we saw that it could be lots of fun. We had to put on head socks under our racing helmets. They told us that if we crashed into each other they would slow our karts down for a bit and if we did it again they would take us out of the race. It was nice to see that it was more about your own speed than competing with others.

When we finally got out on the track it was super fun. Dad was the fastest because he was using his break to skid around the turns and then speed off. Mom got lapped by everybody and she claims that there was something wrong with her kart. Suuuuuuurrrre Mom, suuuuuuuuurrrre. I had a lot of fun hugging the corners as tight as I could. As I raced I figured out that it was much faster to take a turn wide and come out of it tight. Christopher, Dad and I had a ton of fun going as fast as we possibly could. Mom may not have been having quite as much fun.

Dad turned out to be a pretty fast racer.
Afterwards Christopher and I definitely could have gone again but everybody else was hungry. If anybody was thinking about trying go karting but wasn’t sure, I can say that it is loads of fun so go for it. 

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