Monday, June 9, 2014

Popcorn and Hot Chocolate For Meals

Posted by Katie

Shwish shwish the boat rocked in endless boat wakes as we entered the I.C.W (Intracoastal Waterway).  The I.C.W is a large river about the size of the Rio Dolce.  It goes through many city’s who most people think part of Fort Lauderdale.  We were aiming for a place called Hollywood. Some of you may remember it from last time when we stayed at Hollywood marina.  This time we planned to stay at Loggerhead marina a little farther along. Only, in order to do that we had to pass three bridges and that didn’t turn out so easy.  The first bridge was one of the worst. Since we had a super tall mast we needed to catch all the bridges on time to open, only we didn’t. We missed the first bridge by one minute and used the thirty minutes of waiting time to have lunch. The second bridge, we just made in time and the third was a 25 minute wait.

This guy rocked us a lot as we went into the ICW.
Once we got to the marina we docked twice, then the boys and I went for a swim while Mom and Dad checked in.  We never would have found the pool if we hadn’t asked.  Once we did, we got the directions to follow the road cross the bridge and once you see the entrance gate and Clubhouse your  there.  For one we were already sweating from docking the boat and it was a huge walk in the hot sun. And two the bridge was a huge car bridge and it was still in the marina!  The pool was great and the temperature was perfect.  The middle of the pool was some flowers and trees it was so wonderful.  And once we got back to the boat in the Lucius AC it was even more so.

The swimming pool was great, but a long way from the boat.

The next day, Christopher, Mom and I washed the boat while Alexander and Dad went to get the car it wasn’t too long until we finished washing.  After that I went to hang in the captains loung and got…           Ppppppoooooooooooppppppppcccccoooooorrrrrrrnnnnnnn!!!!!  Yes the captain loung has Pppooopppcccooorrrnnn!  And Hhooottttt Ccchhhooocccooolllaaattteee!!!!!! Coffee cup

Free popcorn in the captain's lounge.

And once the boys got back I got to see me old car!!!Open-mouthed smile

Yay! Our van survived without us.

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