Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Harry Potter World

Posted by Christopher

Harry Potter World is a wonderfully magic world of witchcraft and wizardry which has very advanced animatronics and great actors.

We entered this wonderful world after completing some other rides in the Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, Orlando. It looked really fun so we crossed the bridge from Jurassic Park into the bustling Hogsmeade. As we began our wizarding experience we saw that they had barrels of butter beer which tasted like creamier sweeter root beer. Next we saw a ride being flocked. As tourists we just couldn't pass up a chance to join the crowded area so we quickly placed ourselves in line.

Hogsmeade, where I became a wizard.
The next 25 minutes were filled with cheap storyline to get you prepped for the ride and well decorated rooms, making it better than most ride lineups (except for maybe Space Mountain which has multi player video games lined up which is really cool). Eventually we got on the ride which was a four seating bench with classic ride restrainers. When the ride started I realized we were on a giant moving arm as video was used to make us feel like we were doing more extreme things than we were. Although a little cheesy it was also very fun making it a ride I returned for later to do again.

Rides, rides, rides.
Besides that I became a wizard after being chosen from a crowd of about 30 people. My brother and I ended up using some magic which you can read more about in my brother’s blog. As well there was a really fun roller coaster that I recommend you go on. It was called Duelling Dragons and it is basically an upside down roller-coaster where you hang instead of sit on top. Sadly as you go from start to finish it gets less thrilling and gets lower.

I should have taken off my clothes before I went surfing.

A message to those who wish to accompany me in the world of wizards:
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