Monday, October 7, 2013

Ancient Pharaohs, Magic, Killer Robots and Blues

Posted by Alexander Oct. 7

On the third day of our trip to Orlando we went to Universal Studios. We had already been to the one at L.A. but this was very different. There were loads of rides in Orlando Universal and we had tons of fun on them. Quite a few of the rides were this weird sort of 4D. There’s a big screen and the seats move around so it feels like what’s happening on the screen happens to you. It actually works very well and the 3D they use is amazing.

How surfing should be done

One of my favourite rides was transformers. It felt like all those giant robots were really smashing each other apart. And we got to be in the middle of it. The mummy ride was also tons of fun. At one part it looks like you’re supposed to get off the ride but it’s actually the mummy trying to devour your soul.
My dads favourite part was when the blues brothers came in their car with the big megaphone on it and did a show.

Blues Bros in the house

There are so many other things that happened I can’t describe it all but I will say my favourite thing that happened. At Harry Potter world Christopher and I got picked to participate in this show happening in Olivanders Wand Shoppe. We got given wands and he said we should try them out. Christopher tried to call a ladder towards him, using "akio ladder" but the drawers went crazy instead. I tried to ring a bell and it rang - along with everything else in the shop! Then he switched the wands and a blast of air came at us. It must have looked awesome. It was hilarious as well as really fun.

Yaaaaaay We're going to be wizards!

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