Friday, October 11, 2013

Day One of Double Fun!

Posted by Katie

Hello, time to go into a world of Universal Adventures!  But before we go there we have to chat about the night before at the hotel which was also crazy.  All the fun started in the ginormous pool!  After we were done swimming I ate a Deliciously normal hamburger!  (what a crime).  then went the lights and the camera and the action started!  On went the movie and the movie was…

…Wreck it Ralph! We got to watch it at the pool.

We stayed at a really nice hotel.
The next day was to be spent in Universal studios Adventure Land!  the first thing to do was park then get in then have some Double Fun!  The first ride we went on was The Hulk but I wasn’t tall enough so I went on the spinning escape pods when the boys got off they came with us too Smile.

Spinning escape pods.
Next was spider man which was our favorite ride.

This plane crashed right at the entrance to Universal Studios!
The next place we went to was exciting.  It was Jurassic Park!  How delighting with all the sound effects. We were walking through the jungle of adventure with all the creepy statues and sounds!  So the first breath taking ride we went on there was a water ride.  It was supposed to show all the safe herbivores but then the raft went off to the exciting part into the raptors habitat!  And we both know that does not turn out well.  The next thing we knew we were getting sprayed by poisonous raptors but then we got back to the station and haven’t died yet.

The next ride we went on was named Pteranodon Flyers.  It was fun.  You would sit in two chairs under what looked like a Pteranodon and then it would lift up and soar across all of Jurassic park.

Harry Potter World!  There we went straight to the main Harry Potter ride.  It was in the castle!  We got to see the paintings talk and the stair cases move we talked to Dumbledoor or as I call him Dumplingdoor we even got to got to talk to Harry,Ron and Hermione they told us what we were going to do.  We were going to sneak out of a really boring class to watch a quidditch match.  But about everything that could go wrong did so after the ride it went into the Harry Potter souvenir store where my brother Alexander got an awesome Raven Claw hat.

The boys from Durmstrang and the girls from Beaux Batons did a dance in Harry Potter World.
Scary Hogwarts Castle!

The sorting hat talked to us before we went on the ride.  Anything but Slytherin, anything but Slytherin!
Next was butter beer and pumpkin juice!  The dragon challenge ride it was a really crazy roller coster we went on it twice.  Then was the hippogriff it was really quick but crazy I liked it Smile!  Next we went all the way down to the spider man ride and then all the way back up to the Harry Potter world just for more butter beer and pumpkin juice.

The next time we went to Universal, we went on the ET ride.

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