Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Easter Bunny Bash

 Posted by Katie
The Easter Bunny found our boat!

It was a sunny Sunday morning and I was yawning in my cabin.  I had just woken up tired from last night.  Forgetting that it was Easter day I naturally rolled out of bed walked into the salon and …   

WHAT THE?!  The room was covered with chocolate every where I looked. Egg, egg, bunny,egg, bunny and even some lollypops!   I just stood there for a second. Then I remembered it was Easter. How could I have forgotten?  Just then I wanted to run around the room and grab all the chocolate.  But then I remembered that the boys would probably kill me If I touched anything. So I made myself an egg for breakfast instead of chocolate eggs.

Besides the chocolate, there were also Pez candies and lollipops!

After I was done my egg I spotted something in the garbage pile and went over to see what it was.  “Hobbit Pez”, it said. I looked at it and it listed a bunch of characters from the hobbit movie.  Then I realized what it was.  The Easter Bunny had left the case of a hobbit Pez package so we could know which little Pez holders to look for.  For another half an hour I spent trying to get a head start to the candy hunt.

More Hobbit Pez heads and some candied popcorn.

After a while the boys woke up and after they had breakfast we started the hunt.  Despite my head start we all found about the same amount of candy.  But one Pez holder was still missing.  The one named Thorin Oakenshield, the rightful king under the mountain.  Eventually  we found him along with a few other chocolates.  Want to know where he was?  Under the pile of garbage.  Probably wouldn't strike you as the best place to put the rightful king under the mountain huh?  Well that’s where he was.  And as a result to our Easter we now have a HUGE bag full of chocolate.

Thorin Oakenshield, the king under the mountain.  Under the garbage.

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