Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fantasy Island

Monashee on the dock, Fantasy Island Marina
Posted by Alexander Mar.12, 2014

Not quite as cool as it sounds but still pretty great, Fantasy island is the marina where our boat has been moored for the last five days. It is nestled to one corner of French Quay Harbor right next to a big resort. Because of this we got to use the resorts facilities, like the pool, beach and hammocks and pool tables. That’s a pretty sweet deal right? There are some very cool things we did there.

The whole area is very social so we went to this big gumbo dinner cooked by one of the captains, Jon. I should note that everybody there aside from us was in their fifties or older. Anyway there were to other guys in the boating community. One played the saxophone and the other sang and played the guitar so there was live entertainment! We met lots of people and the gumbo was fantastic! Mom made me go and get the recipe and Jon said he’d give it to me at volleyball. So now I can tell you about that.

Shrimp and chicken gumbo and live entertainment.  Who could ask for anything more?
On most evenings except for the gumbo party thing, we went and played volleyball with a big group of people. The organizer of that event, Suzie usually brought her Honduran neighbors and they only spoke Spanish. That didn’t stop people from having fun. Nobody was very good at the game so it wasn’t for people who didn’t play regularly to join in. Namely Dad, me and even Mom. We went three times over the days we were there and it was really fun. Everybody wanted us to stay because the loved to have a full volleyball team but we were ready to move out. But there’s still some stuff to tell you.

Cruisers and Hondurans playing volleyball.
We went diving but there will be another blog about that. So I’ll tell you a little bit about the animal park. There was a little place where they had tons of free roaming animals which they fed and kept but the animals could go anywhere they wanted. There were these little things that the locals called rabbits but they weren’t rabbits. They also had some huge iguanas, a peacock, a bunch of roosters, some parrots that did have a cage and our favorites the monkeys. Christopher did a blog about those guys recently so I won’t say to much, but they loved to mess around and they even got inside a van at one point. They knew not to stay though because they got out quickly. They were fearless climbers and they would take crazy jumps from tree to tree.

Monkey looking for mischief...
And finding it.  He was in that van in the background shortly after this picture.
Another thing that happened was a trip into Honduras to go shopping. There was a huge proper supermarket and we were able to get everything that we needed. On the drive there I noticed that the houses were nicer than I expected. Maybe we just went through a nice part of town but I liked the look of Roatan.

2014-03-08 09.58.39
Cruiser grocery van.
Well now we aren’t there anymore. We are anchored out in French Cay Harbour with our boat all clean and looking forward to a new adventure at the Rio Dulce.

Movie night on Monashee.  With the TV hooked up to the stereo we have a great little home theatre system on the boat.  And popcorn completes the picture.


  1. Hey Alex! It's Chris Davies!

    that looks like quite an adventure, huh?

    Anyway, just checking in.

    1. Hey Chris this is Alex. It's awesome to hear from you. Yeah, we are having quite the adventure. We are going to be heading home pretty soon though. Who knows, we might see you in Vancouver this summer.