Friday, March 22, 2013

En route

After a late meeting last night followed by some frantic packing and another early meeting this morning, we managed to get away pretty much on time.

Crossing into the States was easy, and the differences, as always, were remarkably evident right away. Waiting in line for the border guard, we couldn't help but notice the sound of small arms fire just a few feet from our car. Sure enough, the American border guards were practising their marksmanship at the shooting range integrated in the the tiny border crossing we use near our house. Pretty sure they aren't doing that on the Canadian side. I'd be willing to bet the only target practice our guys get involves hitting a double double with a Timbit.

Then, after being cleared by one of the friendliest border guards we've ever met, we drove on to the airport, passing such notable establishments as the God Fearing Brothers Car dealership. Soon to be franchised in Canada as the Non-sectarian Auto Traders. That should work out.

Anyway, we made it to our flight on time, fought through a hail storm to get into the airport, and then had to hang out for awhile to wait for our late flight to get off the ground. Hopefully we will make our 20 minute connection in Denver to Atlanta.

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