Friday, March 22, 2013

11:00 a.m., March 22nd, Titusville Florida (more or less)

At least that's what it says according to the in-flight map in the seat in front of me. We are somewhere above the coast of Florida, just past Titusville, heading south east, soon to be over the Bahamas.

We made our connection without difficulty in Denver, and hit Atlanta about 10:30 their time last night. I was totally exhausted, so Sara and the kids managed to drag me to the hotel, and we crashed. If anyone ever has an overnight neat the Atlanta airport, you could do worse than stay in the SpringHill Suites at the airport – it was a single stop on the train from the airport, and despite being full of teenagers (some big event going on there), it was clean and quiet, and had a good free breakfast.

Then it was a quick trip on the train back to the Atlanta airport (apparently the busiest in the world according to our inflight magazine – it certainly is huge), and now we're on the plane enjoying the inflight entertainment – Sara is watching the latest Twillight flick (not sure if she is team Edward or team Jacob. Hopefully for my sake she is more inclined towards the skinny pale guy who keeps his shirt on). The kids are all watching cartoons, and I have the tunes going while I update the blog. Big ups to Delta for their free in-flight entertainment – quite a selection. Beats United, which we flew all day yesterday – no free in-flight entertainment at all. Now if they didn't interrupt it with an announcement every 3 ½ minutes, at double the volume of the program you were listening to, it would be perfect.

Next stop, the Caribbean! Apparently 27 deg C and sunny with light winds according to our pilot. Hopefully the next pictures will be looking more tropical.

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